Individually crafted coaching programs for executives, entrepreneurs and men ready to do what it takes to create next level change and to excel in their role as a leader in their personal and professional life.


How can you make a bigger impact in your organization or in your unique sphere of influence?

What do you need to grow out of and into to be the leader you are called to be?

I provide compassionate and challenging coaching that helps men embody authentic, conscious leadership in their personal and professional life. I help men become more intentional and developed holistically exploring topics including purpose, leadership, career, fathering, physical health and wellness, intimacy and relationship, finance, legacy and spirituality.

My approach is holistic and practical. I view each man I work with as unique, complex and respect the legitimate constraints and potentials that are a part of his life. I draw upon diverse coaching and therapeutic methods including interpersonal psychotherapy, autobiography, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, adult development theory, mindfulness and existential approaches. Through deeply attuned listening and presence I create a safe and developmentally challenging context for men to mature their mindsets and reclaim inner capacities to achieve their visions, goals and meet everyday leadership challenges. My coaching has grown out of two decades of personal and professional study of adult development, emotional intelligence, spiritual development, leadership development, organizational psychology, and men’s personal growth.


  • Improved decision making by knowing your vision, values and purpose
  • Better communication skills to lead and positively influence others in your personal and professional life
  • More free time by delegating and organizing your personal and professional commitments strategically and efficiently 
  • Greater motivation and inspiration to lead an intentional, authentic, balanced life
  • Improved personal and professional relationships through becoming more self aware and emotionally intelligent
  • Increased resiliency to face everyday ethical dilemmas, conflicts and change by aligning with values and purpose 
  • Greater wellbeing and peace of mind as a result of consistent, authentic conversation devoted to resolving your deepest leadership concerns
  • Increased flexibility and creativity in your thinking 
  • Improved quality of life and relationships by clarifying your priorities and purpose
  • More awareness of your gifts, limitations and self-defeating beliefs
  • Accountability to your potential as a man and leader



Coaching programs can be individually customized to meet your needs and challenges to get the most effective results.

They can be a combination of:

  • Men’s Leadership Coaching
  • Personal Retreats
  • Tailored Adventures
  • Individual Challenges 

Please inquire for details.

“Thanks to William I have been able to significantly improve my leadership and communication skills which have helped me handle situations during the time of a most critical company expansion project. William has played a key role in my career success as a leader and I don’t think I would have been able to learn and adapt so quickly if it wasn’t for his excellent coaching and insights into what I needed to do to succeed. I highly recommend William as a coach. I’ve never worked with such a dedicated individual who truly cares. He will no doubt be a milestone in your career.”

Derek Holter
VP Flight Operations, ACASS

“I am beyond grateful that I met William. He has helped me to grow in so many ways, personally, professionally, and spiritually. William cuts through the societal clutter to hone in on what is aligned with your or your organization’s purpose and mission. His differentiated empathetic approach is one that truly reflects the variety of disciplines he has mastered, from philosophy, to spirituality, to psychology, to business. William keenly addresses the fact that most business decisions are not purely rationale; they are very much emotional. William makes it clear that having awareness of your ‘needs’ will help drive better business and personal decision-making. What’s more, William does the deep work with you to figure out what those ‘needs’ are. There is simply no one like William Walker and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.”

Marc Howland
Entrepreneur and Investor

“William helped me create alignment where alignment didn’t seem possible. It was nothing short of a miracle. It’s not possible to put a value on that. William has a unique ability to blend business acumen with the wisdom that comes from being connected to spirituality. He is passionate about helping leaders embody leadership in the most authentic way. Many people talk about wanting to create change. William lives and breathes it.”

David Bryan
Co-Founder/ CEO, Keyturn Public Benefit Corporation

“I had the pleasure of being a client William’s Leadership and Men’s Empowerment program from October 2021-February 2022. To provide some context, I was transitioning out from the Chief of Pediatrics role after a long 5 years. I was looking for guidance in re-aligning my self identity and finding a method of living with agency, as I was certainly not the best version of myself, during the last 5 years. His program not only allowed me to re-discover aspects of myself that I had lost but also explore areas of my masculinity, spirituality and character that I had never entertained. With every meeting, he provided me with not only theoretical ideals but practical day to day tools that I have incorporated into my daily life. He held me accountable and was always available. I can wholeheartedly say his program and his genuine care for my professional development has changed the direction of my professional and personal life. I am happy to discuss my experience directly with anyone who is interested.”

Sarangan Uthayalingam
Chief of Pediatrics at Brant Community Healthcare System

“To anyone looking to search deep within their limitation while having a personal coach who truly listens to your thoughts and goals, William Walker is the structure you need to surround yourself with. Over the past 3 years, I have gained back my health (lost close to 50 lbs) and had an amazing listener in William that allowed me to put my thoughts and goals clearly in front of me. He always had a way of listening where he doesn’t give you the exact solutions but rather allows for the platform thru hearing you out and caring. When he adds the sharing of his wisdom in a way only he can, it’s the icing on the cake. I recommend William walker to anyone dealing with any area of his/her life.”

Elias Khury
President, Priority Fire

“When I met William, I was taking a hard look at many aspects of my personal and professional lives and how they all fit together. His thought-provoking questions, patience, and active listening helped me get to the bottom of what was holding me back. He encouraged me to reconsider some of my fixed points of view and led me to a number of breakthroughs, which continue to serve me today. Overall, William was the perfect balance of questioning, listening, sharing, and guiding. He is a true master of his trade and I sincerely believe anyone would benefit by having him in their corner.”

Andre Khury
President & CEO, ACASS Canada

“In our evolution as men and as a culture, we need to learn how to be with pain, to own it, and let it crack us wide open before we transcend it.
And we need contexts that support men in transforming their pain so that we no longer inflict unnecessary suffering on ourselves and the world.”



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