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Freedom Begins and Ends Within

How much of your mental energy is focused on obtaining freedom somewhere other than Now? How much of us go through life in the pursuit of financial security, career progress, improved physical and mental health, better conditions for ourselves and better conditions for our families, under the presumption that in obtaining these external goals we […]


For leaders and men in particular this is an important reminder to include spiritual practices in your overall leadership mindset and habits to remain healthy and sustainable.

Becoming a Conscious Man

To challenge and question how you show up as a man is not only about becoming a better more liberated person, it is to take up the sword and cut patterns, beliefs and tendencies that are no longer life serving. It is to liberate life well beyond your own lifetime.

Difficult Conversations

More often than not, in personal life and business the most important conversation gets pushed into the shadows. We avoid it perhaps because we fear change, discomfort or simply don’t feel worthy of having it.

Mitigating Burnout

Some bad habits that can contribute to burnout or heading in that direction are: overcommunicating, avoiding difficult conversations, avoiding making decisions, not taking responsibility and being proactive in communicating what we want and need, having unrealistic goals, not executing on our goals, not setting boundaries, and not managing our time well.

Morning Rituals

Morning rituals are important. They set the tone for your day, give you confidence that you have already accomplished valuable things, and in my opinion you should be able to do them anywhere.

Embracing the Present Moment

Sometimes it is in letting go of our stories about life, about what we expect, about how life should be that we really meet and open up to the beauty and love that life is already presenting us with.

Man’s Call to True Nature

Nature connection is one activity that when done intentionally and mindfully can help men reconnect with themselves and remember what they value.