Freedom Begins and Ends Within

How much of your mental energy is focused on obtaining freedom somewhere other than Now?

How much of us go through life in the pursuit of financial security, career progress, improved physical and mental health, better conditions for ourselves and better conditions for our families, under the presumption that in obtaining these external goals we will also obtain the sense of freedom we deeply desire. The presumption that freedom will inevitably fall into our being once we check off the supposed hallmarks for a successful life.

While these are all valid pursuits, they are often rooted in the belief that you are not already free.

When you orient from the belief that you are not already free you start to see a lack of freedom everywhere. You begin to focus on the limitations of your environment, your career, your relationships, your financial situation, how imperfect the world is, and this perspective of lack dominates your perception as your internal perspective is reflected back at you through your experience.

The irony is it is not possible to find freedom in the state of mind that is in constant pursuit of it.

A state of mind that is in constant pursuit, is a state of mind that is in constant escape from the very place where freedom is found: in the present moment.

No matter what successes are achieved in the external world, the freedom we seek begins where we are right now, it begins within.

To be free you must connect with your true self and cultivate freedom from within, and then your life becomes an expression of your genuine inner clarity and peace.