Authoring in Crisis

The effects of COVID-19, social unrest, job security and economic tenuousness are front and center to many people these days.

Alongside these social realities many of us have temporarily less access to social, re-creative, and leisure supports that serve to balance and regenerate us. In this reality it is common to experience frustration, helplessness, shortened time perspective, and loss of creativity and meaning. Not only that, the personal and collective stress associated with the current time may trigger old habits, unconscious fears, and reactions that are difficult to pinpoint the origin of.

Considering this it is important to find and settle into and navigate from our own inner ground and authority especially in times of crisis. This dimension of ourselves is already secure, nourishing and creative. It is the depth and openness of our own being. It is the detached, compassionate part of us that can experience emotions and reactions within ourselves and with others and not get caught up in the currents of them.

When we are with ourselves in this way we are in a better position to lead and respond–not react–to the stress, anxiety and crisis around us. We are with crisis, not of it. We are witnessing and participating at the same time. We are also in a better position to listen to and respond to others and to what authentic leadership responses are most congruent with our lives. Crisis is the state of humanity, it is not only of this moment though certain issues are flaring up and being highlighted. What truly needs your attention? What role(s) are imperative that you play in this moment?

This capacity to author from our spiritual depth in this time is important for leaders as we are often looked to as a support for sound judgment, objectivity, patience, compassion and creative action. We want to create and invite presence and possibility, not reactivity and unnecessary fear and anxiety.

Your presence, calmness and capacity for creative action are needed now more than ever.